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Hello, I’m Emma Jane.

My story begins way back in the 70’s when I was a kid, riding a gleaming red chopper bike, hair long + plaited, little house on the prairie dress tucked in my knickers. Not only was I pretty skilled at riding my bike one handed (whilst munching on a jubbly) I was also on a mission to win the creative writing competition at school.

Which I did!

My Nan was beaming with pride, and at that moment I knew I would always wanted to write.

Fast forward a few years – the internet was invented and to be honest raising my four kids didn’t leave me much time for writing, but then this thing called blogging was discovered. Eleven years ago I started a family blog.

It was hard graft to get it going.

Nobody had even heard of a blog back then, so I was constantly explaining the basics. Weird looks and chuckles would ensue.

I kept at it though and suddenly everyone was blogging! A whole community grew and like minded geeks found my corner of the Net.

A few years into my blogging journey…

I only won a top bloody blogging award!

Award winning blogger

I wish my Nan could have seen that.

And my Mum.

Fast forward again – a thirty year marriage, 4 grown up kids, 6 grandkids, a whole bunch of certificates for psychology, creative writing and even Reiki.

And here I am with a gleaming new blog, still have long plaited hair – although NO more dress tucked in my knickers (unless I’m chasing one of the Grandkids!).

Life So You offers tips on anxiety, stress + your love life. Mindfulness ideas, stress management, organisational tips. Personal development + goal setting.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I won’t sugar coat anything. Straight to the point, honest advice is what you will get here. My aim is to assist you in creating more freedom, happiness and abundance in your life.

Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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