Start Living A Richer Life In 5 Simple Steps

Living a richer life really isn’t as difficult as you may think and it isn’t about money. Most people assume that the only route to happiness is through money, status or fame.

They crave recognition and material possessions, spending their lives chasing the dream. A dream that they have been socially conditioned to achieve from birth. But, as the saying goes ‘you can’t take it with you’ and that is so true. I think back to my mother on her deathbed; the only thing that mattered to her in the end, was who was stood around her bedside. Her bank account was no longer a priority.

Have No Regrets

Her biggest regret? Not spending enough time with her family as she spent most of her time working in order to not only provide for her family, but also to ‘live the dream’. Mum was a grafter; so much so it left her little time for anything else. The irony is that she ended up not having enough time to live the dream that she spent her whole life working for.

How to be happy

Material possessions represent how successful you are.

Of course, that statement simply isn’t true. Most of us have developed some materialistic tendencies, throughout our childhood. It is unavoidable as desirable products are advertised everywhere with the promise of a ‘perfect life’. We get sucked in.

However, true happiness and richness is rarely found at the bottom of a shopping bag. Material objects are a quick fix, gratification tool; a replacement for a deeper level yearning for personal connections and a life that is more fulfilling.

Money can’t always buy happiness. You can be rich in possessions but poor in love and relationships.

World Happiness Report

According to the World Happiness Report 2019 there are three factors that make you happy. They are money, relationships and health. Money only works to a certain extent. Anything over $90,000 doesn’t make much of a difference to your happiness, so the super rich are not any happier than the average Joe. It’s a scientific fact.

As long as your basic needs are met – food, shelter and warmth you can be just as happy as your materially ‘rich’ friend. Sure, sometimes you feel stressed because the bills are all due at once, or the washing machine has just packed up and your bank account is in minus. Everyone has to live with an element of stress in their lives; it’s unavoidable, but you can limit your exposure to certain stress triggers to live a richer life.

Live a happier lifestyle

If you train your mind to recognise all the riches that you have in your life that money can’t buy, then it softens the blow and you cope much better with day to day stress.

So, what can you do right now to start living a richer life? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started today.

  • Be Grateful – Count your blessings everyday. Spend five minutes a day writing down 3 things you are grateful for. This exercise helps you to feel grounded and to feel a deeper connection with the people in your life. Start to appreciate the simple things in your day to day routine like your toddlers cuddles after a tantrum, that daily call from your mum, or that you have a roof over your head and food in your cupboards.
  • Connect – Make more of an effort to connect with family and friends. Don’t get lazy with your relationships or take them for granted. Make time to call, email or text important people in your life. Keep your connections strong and nurture your relationships. It doesn’t have to take much, just a little effort with a quick message of ‘how are you today?’. Show you care.
  • Get A Hobby – Learn something new or pick up an old hobby. Having a hobby gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride whenever you finish a project. They also help with channeling your emotions, stress relief and to assert a certain identity, giving you a stronger sense of self.
  • Be True To Yourself – Stop living by someone else’s rules and simply be yourself. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Remove toxic people from your life who don’t appreciate you for who you really are and stop trying to be liked by everyone. You don’t need to pretend with the people who really matter.
  • Don’t Work Too Hard – Time is so precious and life is far too short. What is the point in spending so much time at work that it doesn’t give you the time you need to nurture relationships and yourself. So many people I know spend far too much time working, away from their family and for what? Extra cash that doesn’t necessarily make you any happier.

How to be happy

  • Don´t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. ~Steve Jobs

Do what is right for you. If you feel fulfilled working round the clock, then carry on, but if it is affecting your health, relationships and emotional needs, maybe look at ways to cut back. Start to think about how you can feel happier in your day to day life and change things today for a richer life.

Start living a richer life

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