How To Move On With Your Life

Sometimes in life we are forced to start over. There are many different reasons why. It could be the end of a relationship, a job, study, a relocation, an accident or the loss of a loved one. There are many reasons why.

Sometimes it is forced upon you and other times you choose it. Either way it is rarely an easy thing to do. How you decide to tackle your start over is 100% all down to you.

You are in control of every detail of how you will proceed, so make sure the change means something. Turn it into something positive, something worthwhile.

It will be tough, but something good can come from the heartache, the fear, the pain. Starting over is only as terrifying as you make it. Rewrite your story. It is as simple as that.

Starting over

A Lesson Learned

Every single situation you encounter in your life teaches you valuable lessons. You may not see it at first, but look a little closer. Actively look for the lesson. Ask yourself ‘what has this taught me?’

Maybe it taught you to choose better friends, to work a little harder, to work a little less, to be less selfish or think more of yourself.

Looking for the lesson is the most important part of starting over because if you skip it, you will continue on a path that will always repeat itself. You will not progress unless you accept that next time you should do things differently.


Forgiving someone doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t mean they won. It means you are now free to be happy. To continue on your journey with no bitter resentment, twisting your stomach up in knots. It means you will sleep better and notice your new path, new opportunities and fresh ideas.

When you choose not to forgive, it will stunt your growth and prolong your pain. The quicker you realise that forgiveness is the key to moving on, the quicker you will thrive.

Change your life

Make A Plan

Now you are feeling a little stronger. The pain is easing. It still hurts like hell but you know you have to get up and get on with your life. You need to make a plan.

Making plans when your life feels so uncertain is not an easy task, but it needs to be done. It will help with the moving on process, as it focuses your mind on a new goal. You need something to get you up in the mornings; something to entice you to get dressed. One step at a time. Set some goals. Go to that festival, plan that trip, meet up with old friends. Make a few dates in your diary.

New Routine

The most useful thing to do is to change your routine. Your life is different now so sticking with the same old routine will do nothing but remind you of your pain.

You could make some simple changes to your daily routine. Try setting up a 30 day challenge to try something new every day. You could wake up earlier, start exercising, take up a new hobby, read those books, try that new tea, new breakfast or lunch routine. Mix things up a little. The change really will do you the world of good.

Moving on with your life and starting over is a challenge. Be kind to yourself. Make it count. Make it happen.

Moving on and starting over

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