Six Signs That You Are In A Relationship With A Narcissist

The chances are, you have encountered a narcissist at some point in your life. Of course, you didn’t realise it at first. It took a while to spot the signs.

They spend the first days, weeks or even months of the relationship charming and exciting you, with constant attention grabbing expressions of undying love. They delight you at every opportunity, or ‘love bomb’ you into their self absorbed world. They adore you. Or so you think.

Relationship with a narcissist

The harsh truth is, they only adore themselves and by the time you notice, it’s too late, you have already fallen head over heels.

Being in a relationship with someone who suffers with a narcissistic disorder can be difficult to say the least. It doesn’t usually end very well and can be mentally damaging and draining to their partner, sometimes even traumatic.

In 2009 a study in the US found that approximately 6% of people suffer with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 34,653 adults were interviewed and it was recorded –

Prevalence of lifetime NPD was 6.2%, with rates greater for men (7.7%) than women (4.8%).

Here are six common narcissistic traits to look out for, to determine whether or not you may be sharing a relationship with a narcissist.

  • Always the centre of attention – They like to show off their talents, accomplishments and anything else they can, to impress their audience. They simply crave attention and are thrilled if people stop to stare or even kiss their feet. They conversation will always turn back to themselves.
  • Delusions of grandeur – They tend to have an exaggerated sense of self importance. They honestly think they are better than everyone else and that they know better than anyone else (including experts). They think they are always right.
  • It is NEVER their fault – A big warning sign that someone could be narcissistic is their lack of accountability. They are very good at taking credit for all the great things but never for their mistakes. Rarely will a narcissist admit they have made a mistake. It is the most destructive trait of them all.
  • They are impeccably charming – Usually a narcissist is incredibly good at first impressions and love to win everyone over with their captivating brilliance.
  • They are averse to criticism – They are very sensitive to criticism and simply refuse to accept it. Basically because they never feel they are wrong in any situation.
  • Leave a trail of wreckage – They tend to have a history of bad relationships and work experience. They are seen as a walking disaster and mess important relationships up regularly. This is mainly due to their total commitment only to themselves and not their partner.

Narcissistic behaviour

Do you recognise some of these traits, or have you been in a relationship with a narcissist?

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Narcissist traits

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