How To Restore Calm Into Your Life

Life can get pretty hectic. For some, it feels like they are stuck on a hamster wheel, running in circles and making no progress. Follow these top tips to restore calm into your life.

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From time to time life can get pretty hectic. For some, it feels like they are stuck on a hamster wheel, running in circles and making no progress.

It’s a familiar metaphor. We want so much more and we think to get more we must do more. But, it’s a myth. This fast approach to life doesn’t actually get you very far.

You will feel isolated from the rest of the world as you spin faster and faster on your wheel, becoming further stuck in a routine that you have no energy to change. You lose your connection to loved ones, damaging meaningful relationships. It doesn’t sound like a very good ingredient for a fulfilling life does it?

So what can you do to jump off that wheel?

Here are 5 top tips to help restore some calm into your life.

  • Stop

  • Simply stop. Take ten minutes every day for calm. Introduce a few moments of silence into your day. During this time, reflect and refocus on what is truly important to you. Use this time to think about the things you need to change and make more time for.
  • Breathe

  • It sounds obvious, but by taking a controlled deep breath when you feel anxiety rise, you will lower your stress level. This deep breath will send a message to your brain to relax. ~ Take a slow breath in through your nose. ~ Hold your breath to the count of “three.” ~Exhale slowly while you relax.
  • Meditate

  • Listen to some meditation music. There are lots of different types to choose from like sounds of nature or anything that calms your mind. Music is incredibly healing and if it relaxes you then it is great for meditation, no matter what genre it is.
  • Exercise

  • Doing something physical not only re-energises your body, but also your mind. Getting up and moving about can clear your mind. It doesn’t have to be a full on work out at the gym, a twenty minute walk will suffice. Even better if you can appreciate some nature while you are doing it, because it has been proven that the psychical affects walking amongst nature has in the brain reduces stress and calms you down.
  • Focus on a Positive

  • Focusing everyday on the positive things in your life can increase your sense of well-being. Studies have shown that feeling gratitude for the small things can reduce stress. You can do this in many different ways. Whenever you are feeling particularly stressed focus on something positive about the situation. It could be certain co-workers are driving you crazy and you feel completely exhausted – you are not sure how you will make it through the rest of the day, so think for a moment that the difficult colleague is teaching you some patience. There are always things to be grateful for.

How to restore calm into your life

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